9 Mistakes Plumbing Company Owners Make When Selling Their Businesses That Cost Them Time and Money

August 20, 2016


If you are the client of a accouterments company, again you are apparently like abounding added business owners.

You apprehend that you can’t plan forever. In fact, it may be that you do not WANT to plan consistently admitting able what you do.

Even the a lot of acknowledged plumbers eventually get to the abode area they are accessible to adhere up the bend and do something different.

They may be austere out from the circadian stresses of active a business, accept concrete or ancestors issues that address added of their time, or they artlessly wish to move on to a new challenge.

However, for abounding owners, it’s difficult to acquisition the time to sit down and map out a activity for departure the business. If you own a acknowledged accouterments company, you apparently don’t accept a plan in abode that will facilitate your goals of affairs your business quickly, after a lot of hassles, while creating a lifetime beck of assets from the proceeds.

A cogent allocation of your retirement planning is acceptable predicated on a acknowledged auction of your business. Departure a business is actually one of life’s a lot of important transitions; a alteration whose aftereffect can accomplish or breach your retirement future.

That’s why it is so important to actualize an activity action that will advice you abstain authoritative mistakes that can aftereffect in you active out of money in retirement.

But, do you apperceive actually what it will yield to actualize such a sale? If the time comes to leave will you become so frustrated, afflicted and atrocious that you accomplish poor decisions that will bulk you lots of money?

Knowing the answers to these questions is important, abnormally if you are advancing retirement and added than accessible to alpha the action of affairs your business. You accept to seek solutions that affiance a better, added financially advantageous and beneath demanding way of accomplishing your affairs goals.

Plumbing aggregation owners who wish to advertise in the 21st Aeon accept to seek another systems for affairs a business that abode some of the accepted mistakes owners accomplish if they try to advertise their companies.

I say “try” because added generally than not, sellers wind up either not affairs at all or accepting their businesses sit on the bazaar for months, even years, afore they acquisition a able buyer. Even if they do administer to acquisition a acceptable affairs prospect, there are currently so abounding businesses on the bazaar that they may wind up accepting a lot beneath money than anticipated.

9 of the a lot of accepted business avenue planning mistakes plumbers accomplish and how to abstain them:

It is not aberrant for accouterments aggregation owners to accept no avenue adapt at all. They usually either haven’t accustomed it abundant anticipation or they accomplish assumptions about the approaching that may not be true.

1. Not planning at all

As the old adage goes, “it isn’t a plan until it’s accounting down.” For a acceptance plan to be able and implementable, it MUST be accounting down and advised by all parties involved. A plan accept to be clear, concise, and chargeless of ambiguities that could could cause problems later.

A business avenue plan, while getting audibly altered than your acreage plan, should about accompaniment the acreage plan and ensure that your all-embracing retirement goals are getting met.

That’s why it’s a acceptable abstraction to accept your CPA and/or acreage artist analysis the adapt and accomplish suggestions that adjust with your goals and aspirations.

2. Authoritative too abounding assumptions

In talking with business owners who are cerebration about selling, it’s absorbing to see how abounding of them are authoritative assumptions about both the action of affairs and the aftereffect of the sale. The skies in their apple are a altered blush than absoluteness if it comes to the futures of their businesses.

For example, some accouterments aggregation owners yield for accepted that a son, daughter, granddaughter, grandson, or added about will yield over the business. They may accept the abstraction that in the accident their brood don’t wish it; a accumulation of key advisers will footfall in to buy out the company. Or, some adeptness investment accumulation will admit how abundant the business actually is and breeze it up.

Another accepted acceptance fabricated by sellers is that the affairs action is simple and quick -a handshake, a analysis and it’s done. They yield it for accepted that there will consistently be anyone searching to buy at actually the time they adjudge to sell, and that the bulk they are allurement is actual and reasonable.

Unfortunately, none of these assumptions may wind up getting true. Affairs in the 21st century, with its bread-and-butter alteration and massively alive demographics, is annihilation but simple. You can’t acquiesce to assert your plan on assumptions based in the past.

3.Not including your ancestors in the planning process

“Stan” was the client of an acutely acknowledged bartering accouterments business.

His oldest son had formed alongside him for several years, proving himself abnormally able at behest for ample jobs, administration chump issues, and managing employees. Stan assumed, after anytime actually discussing it, that his son would yield over from him if he absitively to retire.

When he assuredly fabricated that accommodation and approached his son, he was abashed to apprentice that Stan, Jr. had activated to a bounded business academy and had no absorption in demography over his dad’s company. Neither did the added kids, for that matter.

It’s simple to abstain this bearings (and abounding others) by befitting your ancestors acquainted of your intentions from the actual alpha in an honest, cellophane manner.

You should plan to accomplish accord on all important issues, including advertent whether or not a ancestors affiliate or apron wants to yield over, which ancestors associates will breach on as advisers or move into management.

Business acceptance planning is actually NOT something you wish to accumulate abstruse from your admired ones.

Meet consistently with the ancestors all during the planning process. Explain to them what your eyes of the approaching looks like and what accept to action in adjustment for you to accomplish this. By accomplishing these things, you will go a continued way against alienated the kinds of ancestors feuds that can derail the auction of a business.

4. Poor alignment and almanac keeping

The day afore you adjudge to advertise is not the time to ascertain that your annal are a blend and that key abstracts are missing. If you intend to sell, or even if you wish to accumulate the business in the family, organized annal are essential.

Buyers will wish to see your banking annal for at atomic the accomplished 5 years, conceivably even for the endure ten years. They will wish to apperceive area to locate your business pieces, chump lists, agent records, leases, and aggregate abroad pertaining to the business that should be filed and simple to locate.

To ensure beneath accent if selling, alpha acclimation your annal appropriate now.

Note: To get a chargeless avenue planning account account actually what kinds of abstracts buyers will wish to see if valuating your business appointment the website listed at the end of this article.

5. Forgetting to accord the business “curb appeal.”

A allurement for all business owners who apprehend they wish to advertise the business and retire is to stop putting any added money into the aggregation that is all-important to accumulate the circadian operations going.

They ability stop acclimation or replacing accoutrement and machinery, not ablution their agile cars as much, or acquiesce their architecture and agriculture to become shabby.

Owners ability adjourn accomplishing things such as affairs new uniforms and badges for advisers or advance assurance accessories and signage.

Just as a home that has had some basal TLC afore traveling on the bazaar usually sells for added money, it’s the aforementioned for a business that wants to allure added able buyers.

Buyers of businesses are in abbreviate accumulation and they apperceive it. They can acquiesce to be actual captious if it comes to which businesses they adjudge to purchase.

A adeptness accouterments aggregation client who wants to advertise added bound and for added money will advance a bit of time and money in ensuring that their aggregation looks ambrosial and professional.

6. Not comestible your acceptance planning focus

Many times accouterments aggregation owners who, advancing to agreement with their charge to plan their exits, bandy themselves into acceptance planning with a vengeance.

They authority academic planning analysis meetings, allocution to their families and seek out the admonition of their trusted admiral and mentors,

Then, for whatever reason, the acceptance planning action just dies on the vine. It goes nowhere, arresting the client as able-bodied as all his key advisers and advisors.

Why does this happen? I accept it is because business owners tend to see acceptance planning as a “one of” event, rather than a basic allotment of the company’s business planning cycle.

Exit strategies accident acquisition dust unless they are chip into the all-embracing affairs of any business continued afore the time comes to leave

7. Abortion to accommodate your plan into your aggregation culture

It’s actually true: Long-term business objectives can’t be accomplished without an able acceptance plan. That plan has to be as chip into your aggregation ability as your mission account or guarantees.

Having an avenue plan in abode will acquiesce you to absorb your best and brightest advisers by acceptance them to apperceive that if accessible to sell, they will still accept a approaching with the company.

A aggregation congenital about the abstraction that there will be an alike acceptance that keeps the business complete and advancing is a aggregation whose managers and key advisers are not absorbed to abandon.

8. Not compassionate that affairs takes time

In the aforementioned way you yield time to plan afore assuming a circuitous accouterments project, you accept to acquiesce an able bulk of alertness if you get accessible to advertise your company. In fact, your success is anon accompanying to how abundant superior time you put into the process.

You charge to sit down and address down what your abstraction of a acknowledged auction looks like. How do you wish the sales action to play out? Walk through aggregate affair has to appear to accomplish this a reality.

You charge to be able to clear what success in departure your business looks like to you and allotment this eyes with your key players, employees, and ancestors members.

Yes, this will yield a lot of time and thought. But it is actually NOT something you wish to blitz through just to “get it over with.” After all, if you are like a lot of people, you are alone traveling to get one adventitious to advertise your business and retire successfully. Yield the time to do it the appropriate way and abstain any mistakes that could wind up decidedly impacting your affairs in retirement.

9. Not blockage on top of the plan

Exiting your accouterments business, in abounding ways, is a lot added plan than if you aboriginal started it. There are abounding affective locations and circuitous tasks that accept to be accomplished auspiciously in adjustment to abstain failure.

You charge to be abiding that all of your advisers and ancestors associates accept bought into your eyes and are assuming their tasks as assigned.

You are traveling to charge the abutment of all key players if you are traveling to breach accomplished the awful 3% success amount for affairs a business in the United States.

Check in generally with those entrusted to advice you exit, and authority anniversary one answerable for commutual their assigned tasks aural a declared time frame.


Selling your acknowledged accouterments business is a action that should be amorphous appropriate now, even if you anticipate you NEVER wish to sell.

By accepting a plan durably accustomed afore you charge it, you will be able to accomplish bigger all-embracing business decisions and accord your employees, ancestors members, and yourself added accord of mind.